Considering the whole situation outside at the moment, it doesn’t look like I’ll have much to talk about any new travel stories or even get to travel anywhere anytime soon, I’ll be talking about all of my old travel stories.

One is always said to have a dream of going to Paris & nothing in this world can change the feeling when you visit Paris for the first time. You will find yourself being a part of some Hollywood Chick Flick shot in Paris or Paris coming out of a film to you! It’s like a default setting in your heart.

The first time I visited Paris back in 2017 I can never forget about it! I was visiting with my parents and we went there from London in a train and I don’t know if most people would like to agree, but going by train was in my opinion the best decision we could’ve made. The whole experience almost felt like I was a part of a film. Seeing the beauty outside, with the trains speed being insane yet so smooth you could barely feel it was moving, it sure was a great journey.

The first thing that I wanted to do after reaching Paris was to greet ‘Bonjour‘ to some local or just someone I didn’t know. I know some basic French terms but not much. We got a cab and straight went to the hotel! We stayed in a simple, fancy but not so fancy hotel since the idea was to stay in an area where I could truly feel and breathe Paris was the plan & boy my parents just had to fulfil this wish!

Grand Hôtel Lêvêque

We were staying in a hotel called Grand Hôtel Lêvêque where there was a Grocery store, Macroon store, about 4 French cafe’s, a florist and a wine shop were all there. I could wake up in the morning and see it from my window! Also, the Eiffel Tower was very close by from there too! Apart from that it is also considered close by to the beautiful Les Champs Élysées street. The hotel and staff are genuinely very nice and prompt, service is beyond amazing and the rooms are great as per the prices! If you’re not someone who likes ultra fancy hotels or have that budget then this is a very good place to stay. You can check out the hotel on Make My Trip and on their website. The links are right here:


The best part about my trip to Paris was that we literally just walked around. Didn’t take any cabs or trains except when you went to see the Palace of Versailles. I wanted to feel every bit of Paris while I was there for 5 days! The idea was to make the most of it and take a bag full of memories that would last till my next visit.

The area that I lived in was overall very local and showed me Paris exactly like I’ve seen ti in films. There were so many local brand stores around and so many cafe’s in lanes around but there was also an Indian food restaurant and me being me, I need Indian food after a few days. I saw local girls looking like they were on a runway since they were so dressed up and the Fashion game was different altogether but so damn good! Every time I was in a store or just greeting a local, it was in French and people there were equally warm while greeting.

I was also dressing up and my makeup and hair was pretty much like the young women there. I was honestly enjoying every bit of it. I used to shop for berries and several other fruits from the local vendor there and although I’d do the same here, the feeling of doing it in Paris was completely different. Maybe it’s a human tendency. We purchased bread loafs and and cheese and veggies and I remember making my very favourite Tomato, Cheese and Basil sandwich every alternate day and eating it in my room by the window and see the busy streets below and enjoying its beauty. I also tried out one local cafe’s to try some vegetarian stuff. There were very less options but it was fun!

One thing that I experienced while walking in Paris or for that matter any place I’ve travelled to by far, everytime I’m walking on the streets of a different country, I feel like I’m floating in the air! We went to Cathédrale Notre-Dame and the Arc de Triomphe too walking and that didn’t tire us at all.

The highlight of every evening in Paris was seeing the Eiffel Tower all lit up and visible from everywhere! Either it was like you revolting around it, or it following you wherever you were going! It was beautiful especially when it sparkled in lights every hour! Over the years, Paris has only been known for the Eiffel Tower but now its changing and that’s the most amazing aspect!

There’s going to be separate articles about The Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles, Notre-Dame and Arc de Triomphe and the whole experience altogether at each of these places! If you have anything you’d like to share about your travel experience to Paris then you can leave it in the comments below or even leave you feedback about this article. ❤️

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