Weekends are all about the time one gets to themselves. People will feel relaxed, laze around and feel absolute peace. They feel like waking up late and having a slow day without a set routine. The case is very similar with me too. On a weekend, as much as I’d like to really follow a routine, I can’t really do so. I automatically end up going in a weekend mood space and the definition of that is easy: lazy, easy and sleepy.

However, there are some Saturday’s when I do enjoy having a routine and relax meanwhile. I wake up early, go for my morning walk, exercise, meditate, have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I also try and finish some work if there’s any or just rest after a busy stressful week.

A healthier tomorrow starts with eating Breakfast everyday

In my house, everyone wakes up early every single day, including weekends. Everyone is very conscious about what they eat, their time to sleep and wakeup, how they take care of themselves during each season, but at the same time eat what we like. In my house everyone wakes up early, goes for a morning walk (except during the lockdown phase), exercises, meditates, fixes a time for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. On some days I’m a part of everyone but on some days I’m not. In our house, I’ve always seen everyone eating fruits together. Ever since my childhood I’ve seen this and done the same too. I love eating fruits.

But when it comes to vegetables, all of us at home eat all the vegetables. My mom apparently makes every dish to delicious, one can’t resist.

Since I had an early morning school, I wasn’t habituated to having breakfast or milk before leaving from home. Milk was never my friend as I was allergic to it when I was a baby. As a result of this, there was neither development to like its taste nor habit. But, now that I’m growing older, I’m understanding the importance of breakfast.

The best part is I get to have breakfast with my parents. That means we get some more time to spend time with each other. This has especially become a routine since my father was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 years ago. Although, he was never taking diabetes seriously, four months ago, we became strict with him about this. Breakfast was never a habit in any of us except my grandmother. But now to change my father’s habit we’ve all start imbibing it.

Of course he has been very careful about his eating, his weaknesses include dry fruits, desserts, ice creams and chocolates. But now, for our sake he has started controlling his urge and started with having breakfast. Also, I have been very strict with him.

Our breakfast now includes fruits and sprouts. Sometimes hot breakfast and sometimes khakras are served or any other healthy snack available at home if we don’t want hot breakfast. Everyday is a different recipe but we ensure it’s not bland and boring. On very few days, we enjoy a not so healthy breakfast but balance it with some healthy sider.

All in all, a healthy lifestyle is very necessary. That doesn’t imply that one can’t be lazy or relaxed, just trying to have a healthy lifestyle is also good. Eventually it becomes a habit. Trying to have a routine later becomes a habit. It helps one in remaining healthy and fit. Also, it keeps you fresh and happy so people around you also feel happy and positive vibes. I think I’ve started trying and I’m enjoying it too. I can feel so many changes already, so I think everyone must try too.❤️

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