Men should be allowed to be whatever they’d like to be. The society can’t decide that for them.

Let’s celebrate MEN EVERYDAY too because at the end of the day, Men are equally important. They deserve equal amount of appreciation.

First of, to all you gentlemen reading this, here’s wishing you humans a very Happy International Men’s day! Now, since the cliché pleasantries are over with, let’s get to some real writing & reading!

It’s 2020 & we’re still not over our concepts of masculinity, gender discrimination, & levying the alleged set societal rules. This may sound like a hard hitting start for a blog, but please tell me isn’t it true? & now really honestly, I’M SO SORRY on behalf of the entire society to all you boys & men out there.

Yes, I’m sorry because it’s high time we realise that men too, have to deal with a whole lot. There’s a constant pressure that they deal with just like women. We constantly speak about women being the victims & even normalise it. But why is it that when we hear of a man being a victim, we’re either shocked or think it’s IMPOSSIBLE? Because society says that shouldn’t be the case?

Also, to all the people that make memes and stereotype a behaviour of men & women? Stop that please. A woman can cheat just like a man would and man can feel things just like a woman would.

But now, let’s start from somewhere. Today, I’m pledging on my part & so should the others reading this to never ever say the following things again:

  1. You’re a boy & boys don’t cry.
  2. Boys don’t play with dolls.
  3. You’re a boy & boys don’t cook.
  4. Men don’t wear Pink.
  5. Men can’t be emotional. You’re supposed to be strong.
  6. “Mard Ko Dard Nain Hota”. Please leave this as a film dialogue, it’s high time.
  7. Oh C’mon there’s nothing like mental illness. Be a MAN.
  8. All you men are the same.
  9. Men shouldn’t gossip because you’re not in a kitty party.
  10. You’re a man, you’re supposed to be MACHO.
  11. Men are superior & You can do all you want. That’s a sign of masculinity.
  12. No girl will be interested in you if you’re not successful.
  13. You’re supposed to pay when you take a woman out.
  14. House Husband? Hahaha. You’re supposed to be a bread earner of the family.
  15. If a woman is standing, offer her your seat.
  16. You’re supposed to protect a woman at all costs.

Dear Society, please accept men the way they are. Tall, short, skinny, hefty, emotional, not emotional, etc. They are humans & that’s the equality we’re talking about. They do so much that’s normalised & goes unnoticed which actually should be regarded and appreciated every single day. Let’s all wake up now and start making building a society where the future generations don’t have to say what we say right now. Remember guys, we’re the society of tomorrow.

& now in the true spirits & from the bottom of my heart, I wish all your wonderful men a very Happy International Men’s Day! & You deserve to be celebrated everyday.