Lipsticks at the end of your entire makeup, do the work of locking your entire look together. Without this addition, ones face tends to look bland. If you see any person while they’re doing their makeup, they will stop at least a few times. That’s because after they complete each step they find incomplete elements and they know it’s looking weird. There’s no rule as such, but lipstick is often recommended to be applied in the end.

While we’re talking about Lipsticks, every woman or anyone who applies makeup will never not have at least 1 Red Lipstick. It’s bold, chic, subtle, loud, all at the same time. It changed the way your entire look comes together and can make any makeup look 10x more glamorous.

Today I’m going to be discussing about some of my favourite brands and their Red Lipsticks. These are all the Lipsticks that I have and would recommend to anyone who wants a new red lipstick. I will also be mentioning some other brands that you can try out that would fit in your budget. You can on a usual day go to the stores or counters of these brands. But due to the lockdown if you do feel like ordering but aren’t very comfortable with online shopping. I suggest you blindly trust Nykaa.

The best part about ordering from Nykaa is of course you get things at home itself. Apart from that they sell absolutely authentic products and its all packages with such safety that a product can’t be damaged.

Ruby Woo

MAC lipsticks have had a very special place in every girl’s life or anyone who does makeup. And if you ask me, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have a MAC Ruby Woo in their lipstick collection. Its a Retro Matte finish lipstick and is the red that I think compliments with any skin tone. It’s not really like a red red, but has turned out to be the best red in Lip colours. It gives full coverage and that’s a special aspect of the Retro Matte lipsticks. If applied with the lip liner from MAC, there’s nothing like it. The overall packaging of the product is simple and smart.

Many people have complained that this range from MAC after application, sometimes starts feeling heavy. They have also mentioned that it chaps. As a professional makeup artist, I would highly recommend that you ensure to prep your lips at the very beginning with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and take off the leftovers with a tissue when you’re applying lipstick at the end. One must make sure you that a Lipliner is applied on both the upper and lower lips and filled in too. After which, use a lipstick brush to even out the lip liner colour and then apply your Ruby Woo. In the end, use a tissue between both our lips and very lightly press your lips so some of the excess comes off. This will ensure no chapping and long lasting lip colours on your lips.

One very specific thing I like about MAC as a brand, is no matter what product, they have different ranges, sizes and formulas which is why they can cater to anyone and everyone. For Lipsticks, they different sizes, formulas, ranges, etc. So you can have anything you like or anything that works for you. Some other reds from MAC that are very popular are Relentlessly Red, D for Danger, etc. Check it our on Nykaa and order for yourself right away if you don’t have one. You’ll also see there how it looks on different skin tones.

134 – Empowered

L’Oreal too happens to be one of my favourite brands for lipsticks. The formulas of lipsticks by Lo’real has never disappointed anyone who has used them. They are one of the finest. Different ranges and categories help you pick you the right lipstick fro yourself. My favourite is the L’Oreal Paris Signature Matte Liquid Lipstick – 134 Empowered. It fits in everyone’s price range so one is comfortable spending on it. It’s the again one Red lipstick that cannot disappoint anyone. It’s an all-in-water formula so it doesn’t dry, flake, or get patchy. I find it very lightweight so I really can go on wearing this pretty much all day. The packaging of the product is also very attractive.

This is one of my personal favourite ranges. Some of the other Red lip colours from the same range that I like are 137 – Red and 115 – Am I Worth It. One thing I really like about L’Oreal as a brand is that it works well for all the audiences who don’t just believe in higher the price so better quality. It’s products are actually good for a price and if picked, can never disappoint. You can check out other ranges n Nykaa.

KIKO can be considered a brand somewhere between High-end and Drugstore. In other countries, Kiko for them is like a Lakme or Maybelline for us. But for us, Kiko is an international brand and the products are definitely amazing. I have one red lip colour from Kiko and that is from their limited edition collection from I think 2017 if I’m not wrong. It is called the Asian Touch Matte Liquid Lipstick – 01. It is one of the finest products I have used. the packaging as you can see in the image, looks like a nail polish bottle. it looks cute, not very expensive and its a colour that never fails. Everytime that I’ve worn, people have always asked what lipstick it is, what shade is it, etc. It always looks good.I purchased another shade blog with this one from the same range and that is equally beautiful.

That being said, the only issue I’ve faced is Kiko’s lipstick formula in some of their ranges can be smudgy and wear off. Some of their colour after applied on the lips can be different. But overall, if you want to give this a shot then I think can certainly can. Overall my experience with Kiko, especially this range has been very good and if you by any chance happen to find this available get your hands on them. You can check out the other ranges on Nykaa.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Ink Liquid Lipstick – Ambitious

Maybelline as a brand I’ve come to realise cannot disappoint anybody. no matter who, one will always have a Maybelline lipstick. Although drugstore, lipsticks of the brand have always been a hit amidst all the makeup lovers. My favourite Red colour from this range is the Maybelline New York Super Stay Ink Liquid Lipstick – Ambitious. First and foremost the packaging of Maybelline is very simple and classic and it explains the basic product details. Coming to this range, this is by far one of their baste ranges in lipsticks; great formula, extremely light weird, doesn’t chap and stays for very long hours. The consistency is amazing and the colour looks so gorgeous, almost to die for. It’s a beautiful red and glides very smoothly on the lips.

Maybelline has so many ranges in lipsticks and each has it’s own uniqueness. Not just that, even price wise it can cater to anyone and everyone. The other popular red is called Maybelline New York Super Stay Ink Liquid Lipstick – Assertive, Maybelline New York Super Stay Ink Liquid Lipstick – Dancer and Maybelline New York Super Stay Ink Liquid Lipstick – Heroine. You can also check outthe other shades and several ranges from Maybelline on Nykaa and place an order.

A very important point is that this article is not sponsored by Nykaa or any of the brands that have been covered so kindly do not assume so.

These are some of my favourite picks of red lipsticks. If you want to mention of a brand that we haven’t or a shade that you like, do leave it in the comments below along with your feedback. If you’d like to write with us, you can mail at [email protected] ❤️