Makeup is an art to add colour to your face, not to discolour your confidence while being in your own skin!

Before I actually get into a whole lot of makeup, hair and skin care I want to discuss something that’s very important. Makeup has often been mistaken for making you fairer. But the actually purpose of makeup is to enhance and create depth in your features. & when we all start wearing makeup, it’s not just peer pressure but sometimes it’s the fact that we feel like we’ve grown up so now we can wear makeup to look beautiful. We forget that we can be comfortable in our own skin.

Today, makeup and makeover are the most used words in people’s lives. In the times that we’re living in, it’s not surprising, Young girls from a very young age (including myself) start wearing makeup and believe it makes them beautiful. & yes, makeup does help in making you look a certain way but it definitely does not determine your beauty in any way.

A snippet from one of the videos that I was shooting about skin care. No makeup, no filter. Absolutely raw and untouched! Embracing myself❤️

Now I know most of you might think that I’m starting my own blog and I will be talking about makeup then why all this? but, I do makeup and hair because I chose it as something that I could convert into a profession. I also realised that at one point I completely relied on it. But now, I only do it when and where required. As per the occasion. At this point when I do it or even when I did it before, I realised one thing that I enjoyed doing it. I enjoyed to see what I looked like after wearing. makeup. I used to talk while doing makeup like I was shooting a video, making funny faces and comparing before and after pictures. Enjoy it but don’t make it a habit or something you can’t live without. For a while now, I do basic things if I have to step out like lipstick, mascara, and fill in my brows while I’m out unless I’m going some place super fancy. Thats when I want to have like a whole look put together.

There is this extremely bizarre and absurd obsession that people across the globe with being white and fair. I really don’t honestly know how that works in people’s heads but the skin that you are born with is your cover. Your real beauty lies within you, your heart, intent, mindset and your confidence. You just have to find your strength and be yourself, constantly work on yourself and no god damn skin colour will get in you way. Be a better person for yourself and for the world, the world will remember you for who you are, not your skin. Cant say this when it comes to tabloids because they often find a way to associate your skin colour to as your biggest personality right in their headline or repeatedly in their articles.

Speaking of confidence, I’ve always heard people say ‘Makeup gives me confidence’. Now I don’t mean to offend anyone and I’m not even saying that its wrong or something but then my question is WHY? No lying I’ve said this too to I don’t know whom and where but after I said it at the back of my mind I always thought, ‘Why is it that when I wear makeup I feel stronger? Am I not strong enough without makeup?’ To some I’m very sure it does give confidence and it is not wrong but it’s a question though. Do you think if you tried to speak something without wearing makeup, you’d be any less heard? Maybe some people have experienced it. I understand but I’m just saying try to find confidence in your own skin. Show your inner strength irrespective of whether you wear makeup or don’t wear makeup.

‘It’s time for a makeover!’ a statement each of us has said. A new haircut or colour or a sudden new makeup look, could be anything but when people know you, do you think makeover is what you need?it sure gives you a different look but does it change you as a person? People aren’t happy with their hair. People with straight hair want curly and vice versa, including myself but I’m working on it. I’ve started embracing my natural for quite sometime now. After constant stuff done to my hair I feel like I’m done and ready to embrace myself as I am.

Honestly, it’s not even our fault. Our so called society is only such. They’ve set norms for things that don’t really mater and issues that need to be looked into are often blamed on women being the problem. So really its not your fault. But now that we’ll eventually be the society, lets change the norms. Let’s ensure that the future generations accept themselves for who they are and also work on ourselves.

Involve yourself in skincare and hair care if you really want a change or makeover. Not only does it help in looking good, but it also boosts your confidence. It makes you feel fresher. When toxins and dirt are removed, you feel healthier and lighter. Feel that, you’ll automatically feel free, happy, clean and nice. Do makeup if you like but never say it gives you confidence. & if doing makeup or changing hairstyle makes you happy, do it, it’s not wrong but don’t imply what’s not right. It’s almost like makeup and hairdos are an escape to fight your insecurities. I don’t get it what’s the point? Why are the marks, scars or anything not accepted as a part of you? Don’t be insecure with any flaw. It’s a part of you, embrace it, embrace yourself wholly as you are!

Remember, irrespective of makeup, no makeup, hair, no hair, any type of hair, you’re just as beautiful. Work on your confidence. If you do something own upto it and say I did it because I enjoy it. Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF!❤️

I hope this article at least made you think about embracing yourself the way you are and accepting your true self then that’s the first step towards the change! From next week onwards, lets talk about makeup products, routines, hair, etc!

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