You are flawless with every flaw you possess. Embrace it!

-The Petite Soul

Fashion, a term that we have highly mistaken! A term that has made us more delusional and confused than anything else at all. We all want to follow a trend whether we like it or not or whether it makes sense or not and well, often tend to overlook our comfort.

      Social media determines our decisions today. Top celebrities, Instagram and runway models are followed massively which is great but don’t we all at the end of the day before going to bed imagine ourselves in an outfit that that fashion blogger wore and striked that pose? That! That’ what I’m trying to talk about. 

      We see something we want it! But suddenly a question pops in your head that is: ‘How will I even wear this? I don’t have a body like hers!’ At this point, you’re a little disappointed in yourself, a little unhappy and when you’re sighing, you’re clearly questioning yourself in some way or the other. Your primary question is: ‘Why am I not beautiful? If I had her body, I’d be the happiest person!’ 

      While picking outfits, you’re looking in the mirror and put it back and tell yourself: ‘If I wear this in public, the whole world will laugh at me. This colour doesn’t go with my skin tone.’ Now, having self-doubt is fine but only if you think about it from your perspective, not from the world’s. 

      My own personal example will explain my point. I’m as short as 4.8 feet, 146 cms. & mind you guys, I’M EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH BEING THIS SHORT. But somehow, the world isn’t. I’m always told, ‘Yeh pehenkar kaafi lambi lag rahi ho!’ (You look tall after wearing this). Now who exactly told anybody that I’m trying to look tall? I’m wearing clothes of my choice keeping my height factor aside. This is me, but there are people out there who don’t wear so many styles of clothes because they’re worried about what will the world say. 

     Men wear Pink and elderly neighbours say ‘Yeh kya ladkiyon wale rang ka shirt pehen rakha hai dekho toh’ (Look at him, he’s wearing a feminine colour’. Arey? What is it? Why can’t just for once we maintain humanity and not put doubts in a person?

      Follow influencers, models and celebrities and the trends but remember, what outfits they pose in, can’t be actually worn in a corporate environment. That’s the place with ground rules, you maintain a dress-code. What they wear is the style and maybe they wear it at events too. Are the outfits they wear something that you can wear on a daily basis? I don’t think so. & I’m not saying they’re wrong. They could wear it, Its personal choice after all. More than personal choice, they have to because it’s a part of their job.

      The fact that we take the world so seriously is also because everyone in this world thinks of themselves as a fashion police or a police in every field. “I KNOW EVERYTHING” is what every human thinks! Brands and stores decide to show tall skinny women and well-physique men to unveil their collection! WHY? Are we indicating that only a certain set of people can wear your outfits? Start accepting people individually. Short, tall, skinny, healthy, white, black, transgenders, everybody is allowed to wear clothes. STOP with this display of certain categories!  

      You, the one reading this, can wear anything you like irrespective of your shape, size, colour or gender. Don’t let people determine your choices, your decisions. Wear what you want with confidence; have your own style. Don’t doubt yourself because of someone who doesn’t approve of your style. Celebrities make appearances in several outfits and are styled by their stylists to look that way on screen. In a routine day, they don’t dress up like that in their houses. When a model goes for a meeting or just a coffee run, they won’t dress up. 

      Be happy, stay positive, when you see someone whether known or stranger and are seeming conscious, walk upto them and compliment. Make someone’s day better. A small gesture like that could potentially make a huge difference to someone’s life! Believing in yourself and carrying yourself with full confidence is the first step towards accepting your being.

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