To all the important men in my life,

I love you and honor all the sacrifices you’ve made in your life. I respect you coming out of your comfort zones and shaping my life into this blossom. I respect that you’ve been there in every step of my life, honestly, my life’s kinda low and glib without you all in it <3

Little me with my superhero dad

First, my father is my knight in shining armor. I remember all the small and huge moments spent with you for the amazing 15 years of my life. I still don’t really have that many pictures with you but I do have all those clicked with your favorite Kodak Camera. You were, are, and always will my go-to-talk person even if it means I talk to your pictures. You matter to me, I feel a void in your absence but I’m moving on just like you’ll expect. Thank you for all those lessons, memories, and yes, general knowledge too. I love you dad <3

Tony Uncle
Haroon Uncle

To all the father figures in my life, thank you for being there when life decisions were hard to make. Thank you for guiding me on the right path and thank you for lessening the void inside of me. Haroon Uncle, my dad’s best friend & Tony Uncle. You both deserve this day of appreciation from your daughter <3


Now, my dearest brothers, Parvash & Sai. I know we don’t meet that often, as once in 2-3 years but the love I have for you both is immensely more than anything else in the world. I know i’m giving too much of appreciation but you deserve it today! Parvash, you and I have gone through immeasurable pain in life and I wish you success and happiness in life. Nextly, baby Sai, you’ve grown so much and now that you’ve grown into such a handsome man you’ll still be a baby for me. That same baby with whom I used to dance on Kajra Re 😛 I love you both so much <3

My boys

Let’s gather my beloved friends and hear me out, I love you all so much comparatively more than Natural’s Choco Bite Ice Cream. I had to give out a comparison where you’ll understand the depth of my love for you all. Starting with my best friends for whom I know for about 5 years now Abid, Abhay & Akash, I met both these people in my first week of Graduation, lesser did I know it’ll become a bond for life. They’ve always been with me in every step of adulting life, we struggled together but here we are enjoying our lives and our WhatsApp Group remains constant forever.

Sahil is our cutie

Coming back to my guys I met in Post-Graduation, Sahil, Ronit, Shalin & Shatrughan never knew a year bond could strengthen us so much that we literally spent every moment of our lives together and now during COVID, our weekly video calls are where we share our gossips. I will tell everyone again, guys love gossips more than we do 😛 Lastly, my childhood friend Parth. We know each other for 20 counting years and more now, we might not share everything with each other but I know he’s always there to the rescue <3

Shalin Baby
Shatru Sahab

Last but not the least, my eternal love for a man who doesn’t even know I exist, but my name still remains constant in his life. Wouldn’t name the person but all the people I’ve mentioned here above will immediately know the answer to this. You all know me so well and I hope our bond remains constant always and forever. This day of appreciation I wish you all a very Happy International Men’s Day <3

With love and only love,
Anoushka a.k.a Annu, Sonu, Kishi etc.etc..