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Slinging Away…

MANGO sling bags are one of a kind that work for all ages of women. Which is also the reason that my mom and I share the slings that we’ve purchased from MANGO.

Are Logic & Education The Same?

Logic is an element that helps in adding sense into the world. Without logic, a statement is merely a statement, meaningless though.

How Much Red Is Too Much Red?

While we’re talking about Lipsticks, every woman or anyone who applies makeup will never not have at least 1 Red Lipstick. It’s bold, chic, subtle, loud, all at the same time. It changed the way your entire look comes together and can make any makeup look 10x more glamorous.

Lifestyle.. More Than Just Style

A healthy lifestyle is very necessary. That doesn’t imply that one can’t be lazy or relaxed, just trying to have a healthy lifestyle is also good.